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ICOM Finland promotes Finnish museum know-how by translating Finnish publications into English.

Analysing Significance

is a publication of a method that makes you more aware of the content and the value of your collections. It was written by Finnish museum professionals Heikki Häyhä, Sari Jantunen and Leena Paaskoski. The publication contains the method and various examples of its use. The original Merkitysanalyysi menetelmä was published by Finnish Museum Association.

Museum Jams in Recording Recent History Phenomena

is a work model developed for the use of museums to reach and record the phenomena of recent history. The work model was created as part of the Museum Jams project, in which the Finnish Postal Museum, Media Museum Rupriikki and the Finnish Museum of Games participated.

Discussion about Museum Ethics in Finland

is a collection of blog’s written by Finnish museum professionals about ICOM’s Code of Ethics for museums.

ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums

is a corner stone in ICOM’s activity. These rules set up minimum requirements for the professional activity of museums and their personnel. ICOM’s members have committed themselves to following these rules.