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ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums publication

Code of Ethics for Museums

The Code of Ethics for Museums created by ICOM is a corner stone in its activity, and a force strengthening the unity of the museum branch. At the same time, it increases the importance the museum professions have in society, and tells the audience what to expect from museums and museum professionals. These rules set up minimum requirements for the professional activity of museums and their personnel, and serve as general ethical guidelines for professionals of the museum sector. ICOM’s members have committed themselves to following these rules.

The Finnish National Committee of ICOM has translated the rules into Finnish, and, concerning the subject, has organized the seminar Museoetiikka (Museum Ethics) 2.0, the speeches of which have also been published in the form of an internet publication, and the Committee has also edited a series of texts that has been published in Finnish and English, in which leading experts in the museum sector debate each point of the rules.